Wisconsin Towns Association 2023 Scholarship Program

The Wisconsin Towns Association, Rural Mutual Insurance Company, and Scott Construction, Inc. will be awarding $7,000 in scholarships to high school seniors graduating in 2023 from either a public or private high school in Wisconsin that plan to enroll in a Wisconsin public or private college or a university in 2023. The winners are determined by independent judging of an essay contest. The essay should address the topic: “If Wisconsin could design it’s local government funding system from scratch, what would be the best and most equitable way to fund town government services?” The brochure link provides additional necessary details. Students do not need to be residents of towns. Essays must be postmarked by May 26, 2023.

Background Info and Essay Requirements

Share-a-Kid Scholarship

Each year, the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association promotes interest in dairy goats in our state. One of the ways we encourage our young people in this aspect of agriculture is through our Share-a-Kid Program. We award an average of 4 to 6 dairy goat kids to young people across the state each year. This is a competitive statewide contest. The youth applicant will write an essay 100 words or more about why they would like to have a dairy goat, how they are going to take care of her (food, shelter, and medical care), and if they have ever raised a goat. If the youth is new to raising goats, please include who your mentor is. This is a very competitive contest, and we want you to put a lot of effort into your essay. Spelling and content count.

The essay can include drawings, photos, or any special things that you would like to include. Please keep a copy of your essay because no essays will be returned. If you are selected as a winner of a kid, your essay will be  given to the donor. While we make every attempt to award winners one of their breeds of choice, if those breeds are not available, the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association reserves the right to offer another breed to the winner. Share-a-Kid winners are not required to give a doe kid back to the program, but we encourage them to do so.

Find the rules here