4-H Summer Camp Staff

Save the Date!

July 7 – 11, 2020

2020 Summer Camp Staff Applications

We are looking for camp Youth Staff (15-19 years old by June 1), Junior Counselors (14 years old by June 1) and Adult Volunteers (age 19 & older) to assist at summer camp. Examples of adult positions needed are: Outpost Leader, First Aid Coordinator, Dining Hall Supervisor (see application for more information). Camp staff is required to attend training (dates and locations found in the application packet on the website).

Youth and Adult Staff Applications are due December 31. Applications and job descriptions are available on the website under Summer Camp tab in paper or online form.

This is an excellent leadership opportunity for both youth and adults to work together! Apply today, you won’t wanna miss it!

Download the applications below:


  1. download the applications
  2. save it to your computer
  3. open the saved document
  4. fill out the application
  5. save the document
  6. send file to the Extension Office