June 4-H Newsletter

Click here to view the June newsletter. Please see Carlea’s note below.

Hello Calumet County 4-H,

We have decided to change the format of the monthly 4-H newsletter to an E-newsletter using the Emma platform. There are a few different reasons why we have made this decision, and staff time has been one of them. With me going on maternity leave, I am able to start putting together the next few newsletters to where they are mostly ready to go with the exception of what our families or volunteers submit to be added. We will also be able to see how many families open the newsletters and which articles are the most popular. In turn, this helps us know what you want to see in the newsletters!

Please know each newsletter will still be available on our website after they are emailed out to families. As a team, our office has made the decision to retire the old format of the newsletter and move forward with what a lot of 4-H offices and schools are using. With the change of going to an E-newsletter, we will not be printing any newsletters or sending them in the mail. These can be viewed easily on your phone or computer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.