Communications Contest


Communications Contest will now take place on Thursday, March 23, at the Calumet County Courthouse, Room #025 at 5:30pm.


The 2023 4-H Communications Contest will take place on Thursday, February 23, at the Calumet County Courthouse, Room #025. Registration is required by February 15.

Grade divisions and time limits are listed:

Demonstration Guidelines –
Grades K-2 (2-5 minutes)
Grades 3-5 (2-5 minutes)
Grades 6-8 (6-10 minutes)
Grades 9+ (6-10 minutes)

Speaking Guideline –
Grades K-2 (2-4 minutes)
Grades 3-5 (2-4 minutes)
Grades 6-8 (5-7 minutes)
Grades 9+ (5-7 minutes)

Speech Categories include (participants can only enter ONE of the following categories):

Traditional Speech – Pick a topic of your choice and write an original, factual speech about it. This could be about a 4-H project you love or a current issue you are concerned about. Your speech could inform, persuade, or motivate your audience. Your entire speech or an outline of your speech can be put on notecards for use during your presentation, or it may be memorized. You may also use visuals (posters, charts, diagrams, power point) to help you deliver your speech, but NOT props or costumes. (Keep in mind, this is a speech, not a demonstration.)

Interpretive Presentation – A memorized introduction should be included to credit the author. The options include: prose reading, poetry reading, a memorized piece, storytelling (where the story is told and not read), or an interpretive speech (a speech that had originally been written and presented by someone else). You may edit your selection to meet the time requirement. Original poetry or stories can also be used. If reading the selection, text should be mounted on construction paper instead of reading from a book. You should write an introduction and any transitions that are needed if you have more than one piece. NO props or costumes are permitted.

Interview Contest Guidelines
Youth in grades 3 and above are invited to participate in the first interview contest. Each participant will have a scheduled interview on the night of February 23rd. These interviews will be similar to the Educational Experience Scholarship Interviews, where it will be based off of your 4-H experience. Youth will be asked to submit a cover letter and resume prior to the registration deadline on February 15th, so the interviewer has time to review ahead of time.

To register, please complete the information this form