Opportunities & Current Projects

Plant Sale

The Calumet County Master Gardeners put on a plant sale for the community. The members donate the plants that are for sale. Members propagate plants from their own gardens, label them and bring them to the Calumet County Fairgrounds where the sale is held the third Saturday of May. Volunteers are available to help customers make selections or answer any questions they might have the day of the sale.

County Fair

Master Gardener volunteer hours to help the judges at the Calumet County Fair. The volunteers record the place each entrant receives and organizes the items attractively on the display shelves so that all place stickers can be seen.


High schools receive applications for scholarships for those interested in going on to further their education in a horticultural fields. Applicants must be Calumet County residents. Application deadline: April 30.

Master Gardeners Scholarship Application Form (.pdf)


Memorials for deceased close relatives of members are offered in the form of trees for a local park or in books donated in loved ones names to a library.


We have an ongoing collection of recipes which are put in booklet form and sold at the county fair as well as other promotional activities throughout the year.

  • 2002 – Bread
  • 2003 – Soup
  • 2004 – Microwave Cooking
  • 2005 – Casseroles
  • 2006 – Candy and Cookies
  • 2007 – Tomatoes
  • 2008 – Economical Recipes
  • 2009 – Herbs
  • 2010 – Squash
  • 2011 – Beans
  • 2012 – A Little Bit of Everything
  • 2013 – Jams
  • 2016 – Pies and Tortes
  • 2016 – Squash
  • 2021 – Potatoes

Flower and Vegetable Gardens

The Master Gardeners volunteer their time to clean, plant, and maintain the city beds in Chilton and New Holstein. The Chilton sign coming into Chilton from the south, the fairgrounds, the library, the Courthouse, and Ledgeview Nature Center are some of those beds.


There are state, national, and international conventions you can attend to further your horticultural education. We also offer tours to different places of interest where we generally carpool or rent a minivan or small bus.

Education in Schools

A committee heads “adopt-a-class” where we talk to teachers and offer a classroom experience for students of every age.