Caregiving & Aging


Balancing Work and Family Care of Older Persons

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there has been a steady decrease in the proportion of U.S. employers offering programs that help employees balance work and eldercare responsibilities.  In response to this issue, the Extension Institute of Human Development and Relationships Program has developed educational programs, tools and resources that are available for use to employers.  Balancing Care and Home contains tools and resources that will help employed caregivers and their employers.

Work and Eldercare Videos

View videos on work and eldercare Issues. These short videos address “employed caregiving” concerns related to care given to elderly family members by persons who are also employed.  The primary objective of these videos is to help employers create work environments that are supportive of families and households simultaneously engaged in work and elder care.

Aging-Friendly Communities Information

The fact that more people are living longer makes it important for communities where they live to become “aging-friendly”.  This survey focuses on fourteen areas of community living that affect the quality of life of older persons.  Listed for each area are several characteristics of an “aging-friendly” community.  Click to visit Aging Friendly Communities.